1. Notice for extention of Chhattisgarh Rate Contract RFP PHQ & Corrigendum
  2. Tender Notice For NVG Compatible Helipad Light
  3. Tender Notice For Housing Keeping
  4. Tender Notice  For Helipad Light
  5. Tender Notice For Police Flag
  6. Tender For Ankle Boot (Black)
  7. Tender Extention Notice for LED TV


  • Tender notice for rate contract RFP for IT goods PHQ TS CCTNS

       1. Tender Notice and Rate contract RFP for IT and IT related goods and services PHQ TS CCTNS 

       2.Tender Extention Notice For Chhattisgarh Rate Contract RFP PHQ

       3. Tender extension notice for Chhattisgarh Rate Contract RFP for IT 

       4.Tender extesion notice for chhattisgarh Rate Contract RFP for IT

  • Tender  Notice for cyber Forensic 
  1. Tender Extention Notice for Cyber Forensic Tools
  2. Tender Extention Notice For Cyber Tools
  3. Tender Notice And RFP For Procurement of Cyber Forensic Tools



  • Tender for Dial 112
  1. Dial 112 Bid opening
  2. Tender Notice For Dial - 112
  3. Corrigundem and Query Dial 11
  4.  Corrigendum 2 for dial 112 Project
  5. Corrigendum 3 for dial 112 Project
  6. Corrigendum 4 for dial 112 project
  7. Dial 112 Bid Submission Date Extension of Chhattisgarh
  8. Dial 112 Bid Submission Date Extension


  • Request for Proposal Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of City Surveillance System and Integrated Traffic Management System DURG City
  1. Date Extension letter (EOI) for OFC backbone under ITMS Project Durg
  2. Expression of Interest(EOI)for OFC backbone under ITMS Project Durg
  3. Tender cancellation for OFC link and Operation maintenance,DURG
  4. Date extention letter for OFC DURG
  5. Integrated Traffic Management System has been extended to Monday 28th August 2017
  6. 2nd Corrigendum ITMS DURG
  7. Final Corrigendum Pre bid Query Response ITMS Durg
  8. Tender Notice for OFC
  9. Selection of agency for fiber rollout and deployment for creation of OFC
  10. Tender notice for ITMS
  11. Durg City Surveillance Tender Durg


  • Tender for Briefcase/ Bullet Resistant Bag
  1. Notice Inviting Tender For Briefcase/ Bullet Resistant Bag
  2. Tender extention notice for protection briefcase/bullet resistant bag.


  1.  Amendment in Tender For Recruitment At Chhattisgarh Police 1718 21072017
  2.  Pre-Bid Queries Consolidated -Ans 21072017
  3.  Amendment in tender for recruitment at Chhattisgarh Police 1718 28072017
  4.  Amendment in Tender For Recruitment At Chhattisgarh Police 1718 09082017


  • PolicePublic School, Raipur
  1. Pre-bid Meeting Related Clarification

  2. Revised RFP for Police Public School, Raipur

  3. Consession Agreement for Police Public School, Raipur

  4. Schedule D,E,F,G & H

  5. Expression of Interest for Establishing of the Police Public Schoool at Raipur